Simpson Mill by Norman B

K&L Supply MC655R Hydraulic lift

With a full range of available options, the MC655R can be tailored to meet any shop’s requirements, whether you service bikes, trikes, quads, or carts.

48” maximum raised height and a one ton capacity.  The MC655R features a hand-held remote control, front and rear drop panels and automatic safety lock system.  Available in red or blue.


The Dandy Lift A-350w

This portable lift table enables movement of heavy parts from tall surface to lower surface, the same or vice versa.  Move an object by sliding it from one surface to another.

Features a double scissor lift mechanism, allowing it to raise loads of up to 770 lbs. nearly 50″. A manual foot pump is used to raise the lift.  Available in a variety of styles.

Heftee 250

Heftee Small Engine Workstation

Attachments accommodate push mowers, snowthrowers, string trimmers, bicycles, chain saws, and small engines.

Lifts up to 250 lbs. up to 48″ in seconds.  Affords convenient positioning of the equipment at a comfortable working height for the service technician. Equipment can be rotated 360 degrees, providing optimum visibility and access.


Manual Ergonomic Hydraulic Work Bench

This steel work bench withstands up to 1,000 lbs.  Durable steel legs enclose hydraulic lifts for safety. Bench offers 8″ height adjustment using a manual hand crank. Crank easily folds under bench when not in use. Includes hardwood top.

Rubbermaid UT cart

Rubbermaid Utility Cart

When lots of stuff needs be moved, move it with a utility cart.  Carts come in many sizes, shapes and purposes.  Sturdy structural foam construction won’t rust, dent, chip or peel. Rounded corners protect walls and furniture. Lightweight and maneuverable. Large non-marking swivel casters.

ProTech mat

ProTech anti-fatigue mats

Avoid standing long hours on cold hard concrete floors or any hard surface floor.  Designed to increase comfort and productivity in the workplace while reducing injuries, aches, and pains.   A variety of quality styles, shapes, sizes, and thicknesses to meet all of your individual needs.

WS11 shop stool

Om shop stool with tool tray

Easily move about service operations with a low profile Om shop stool. Bring tools with you in the tray below.  Five casters whisk along smoothly on shop floors.  Contoured seating with foam padding can handle body weights up to 250 lbs.  No need to squat or wear out your knees with this stool around.

Proflex 345 knee pads

Proflex 345 Gel Knee Protection

These 3-strap gel knee pads have two web straps on bottom and elastic on top to keep knee pad in position.  They are comfortable, protective and flexible.  Designed to prevent injury on jobs like flooring, carpeting, construction, roofing, and HVAC, while providing all-day comfort.


OfficeMaster sit-stand workstool

The WS16 is a great choice because of its unique base and seat tilting feature which make it a perfect choice for sit-stand applications.  Ideal for people who stand behind counters (airlines, cashiers, ticket booths, security guards).  Low-maintenance, easy-to-clean.


There are many more great ergonomic industrial products available. Email us at to discover the right item for you!