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Electric Hi-Lo workstation

Easy touch of the programmable switch allows WC users perfect height match for keyboarding, parts assembly or reading/writing documents. Strong surface for adding monitor arms, tablet holders, printers, and other peripherals common to today’s computing.

Custom modifications

Look closely at this photo and you will make out the Wacom tablet perfectly positioned on a “Magic Arm.”  This arm attaches to desks, wheelchairs, bed rails, or just about any surface to put a tablet or laptop where it’s desired.  Notice the keyboard and phone? Both have extra-large keys, making it easy for someone with limited motor function to hit the right keys.  Hard to see but visible is a touchscreen headset that can be switched from PC to answering a call with a light touch.  A person’s needs can be unique.  We do our best to match equipment to those needs.

ObusForme Highback Backrest

Probably one of the best additions to any seat lacking proper spine support.  The shape matches the S-curve of your spine, supporting you more anatomically than ordinary seating.  Includes a movable pad to support lumbar or neck (on the tall units). Buy a second pad for support to both areas.  Works best in vehicles with bucket style seats.

 ObusForme Seat

Use alone or attach to the backrest above.  Designed to distribute body weight evenly and align the pelvis and thighs for extended periods of sitting or long road trips.  The hard three-piece shell and cushions override existing seats with tired springs or chairs with hard seat pans.

Gaiam Ball Chair

 Balance Ball Chair

For a change in comfort, add this style of seating with your current ergonomic chair.  Together they give you options for switching back and forth as needed for relief.  The constant balance required to sit on a ball will help strengthen core body muscles and improve posture.  Wheels for easy movement, pump included.  Ball measures 52 cm and weighs 15 lbs. 2″ height extenders available.

Therapy Ball with CanDo® base

Therapy balls come in several sizes and can be used as secondary seating at your workstation.  Use CanDo® base to stabilize and keep ball from rolling away. The balance needed to sit on a ball encourages good posture and strengthens core muscles.

Proflex 4000

Proflex 4000 wrist support

Temporarily splint your wrist with this comfortable elastic wrist support. Does not have metal or plastic extending into the palm area (which makes typing difficult).  Provides excellent wrist support while doing hand activities, especially typing, wrenching, grabbing or carrying. Available in several sizes for the best fit.

Spenco® Anti-fatigue insoles

Walk on concrete floors, stand all day at a register? Try a pair of these cushioned insoles for tired feet and sore arches.  Designed to absorb shocks and reduce friction, also improves body alignment.  Comes in full, 3/4-length, half-length, and with different features.

Medline Over bed Table

With its 2” twin caster wheels, it is useful as a roll away portable laptop desk.  Adjusts in height from 30″ to 45”.  Plenty of surface area for laptop, writing or both.  Base is U-shaped and wide enough for wheelchairs or office chairs.  Use standing or sitting with the easy to operate automatic spring assist lift mechanism.

DMI lumbar cushion | coccyx Seat wedge

Lumbar cushion provides contoured support to spine and laterals.  Use in car, bus, train, classroom, kitchen chairs.  This portable support makes just about any chair more comfortable.

If it’s the tailbone that’s the issue while sitting, then look to the DMI latex- free seat wedge with 3” U-shaped cut-out. The opening provides pressure relief to the coccyx/tailbone area.

Our DME offerings all have ergonomic benefits. For other DME, please call or write and we’ll help locate what you’re looking for! 253-756-0299 or