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Workrite Sierra single surface

Workrite Sierra Electric Workstations

Simple but elegant styling, designed to fit into any office or home decor. Provides relief from prolonged sitting.  With these electric sit-stand workstations, tolerating leg pain and back aches from extended sitting could be a thing of the past.  Moves easily  up and down by the touch of a programmable button.

Workrite Electric Hi/Lo workstation

Workrite Sierra Electric Workstations

Move from sitting to standing in style.  Sierra is available in three finishes and the widest range of size configurations and features.

These adjustable workstations can handle payloads of 225–300 lbs.  They feature hidden crossbar design that provides greater knee clearance for the user.

Taskmate 6100

TaskMate 6100 Executive electric sit-stand desk

Transform any surface into a personalized electric sit-stand desk. Designed to simply sit on your existing desk surface for comfortable extended computing.  Adjustable keyboard tray.  Copy or telephone holders are optional.

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Performance Laminate Series

Rich in styling and superior in construction, these desks offer an intelligent solution to any workplace need.  Available in a wide range of components and sizes, they can be easily pieced together to create the configuration that best suits your needs.  Attention to detail in design, quality of hardware, and use of premium grade laminate work surfaces ensure years of trouble-free use.

Ergotron 33-349-200-inuse3_lg

WorkFit-S Dual Monitor with surface shelf

Transforms almost any surface into a personalized height-adjustable desk. Converts your existing desk to a sit-stand workstation.   Movement is very easy with hydraulic assist – everything moves together!  Makes prolonged computing tasks more comfortable.


Performance Electrical Height Adjustable Table

Our bodies are designed for movement, but sometimes sitting is just unavoidable.  That is why sitting for prolonged periods of time can cause many problems.  Muscle strain, neck and back stiffness, and lack of circulation can result in loss of productivity.

Fortunately, we have come a long way from the old days of bureau-style desks.  Today’s modern desk systems, such as the Performance Hi-Lo electric workstation, make sitting or standing easy at the touch of a button.  Up to three positions are programmable.


Loctek LXR36″ sit-stand riser

Simply the easiest way to convert your existing desk into a sit-stand workstation. This popular unit will fit on almost any desk, including corner units.  The LX36 will support up to 40 lbs. and is wide enough for two monitors, or one monitor and one laptop.  Movement up and down is smooth and effortless.  Rises 20″ above the desktop.  Existing desk should be at least 22″ deep and sturdy (card tables not recommended).  Install optional monitor arm to free up more surface space.


Ride while you work!

Or surf the internet.  Imagine getting a 30 minute workout while reading the local news online!  This Loctek exercise bike has eight levels of resistance, transport wheels to easily move to another room, battery operated progress display, and rear stabilizer for secure movement.  It’s quiet and smooth, too.

Global Ht. Adj. work bench

Hydraulic Ergonomic Work Bench

Used in warehouses, shops, pet stores, and more.  Made with heavy duty 14-gauge steel that offers 600 lbs. of load capacity.  Includes a 12″ deep lower shelf for storage, which doubles as a place to rest your feet.  Designed for plenty of legroom.  Comes in a variety of surface choices.

WorkFit-S user's video

Taskmate 6100 video